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White House: Trump Quantum Leaped; No Timetable for Return

President Donald Trump’s body has been taken over by a person from the future, a phenomenon commonly known as being “Quantum Leaped,” according to the White House. The admission comes following a mysterious tweet from the president earlier this morning that simply said, “Oh boy.” “Some younger Americans may be unfamiliar with the hit ’90s program Quantum Leap,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained, referencing the TV show from which the phenomenon draws its name, “but all earlier indications have been confirmed. President Trump is currently inhabited by someone — a scientist, we believe — from the future, and will remain so until that person’s mission has been completed.” When asked about the nature of the mission of the person controlling the commander in chief, Sanders said she couldn’t elaborate, adding that she hopes this won’t be a season cliffhanger. “Even with his numerous side conversations with an invisible …

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