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Justin Bieber Vomits on Stage, Denies He’s Pregnant

Teen pop superstar Justin Bieber is denying reports that he is with child after a video showing the singer-songwriter vomiting during a concert in Arizona went viral online. Bieber managed to finish the first show of his “Believe” tour at Jobing.com Arena in Glendale despite reportedly throwing up on stage twice. Almost immediately, entertainment insiders began speculating that the feminine-looking Canadian sensation was pregnant and suffering from “morning sickness” during the concert. Some sources say R&B star Usher, who helped launch Bieber’s career, is the father. Others insist it’s Lady Gaga. Bieber has vehemently repudiated these reports and insisted that he is neither pregnant nor female. “I am SOOO not a chick,” Bieber responded. “And even if I were, I couldn’t be pregnant, because I only have sex with women. I mean, I’m a virgin. No, I mean … sh-t.”

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Baker Woman Claims She’s Been “Kipnotized,” Files for Disability

A lifelong Baker resident claims she was permanently disabled after watching a YouTube video released by mayor-president candidate Mike Walker’s campaign. Glenda Lacey says she can no longer work after being “Kipnotized” by the online attack ad, in which the mayor pro tem claims Mayor Kip Holden is trying to delude parish residents into believing crime isn’t a serious problem. The video says Holden is attempting to “Kipnotize” citizens. “I saw that video on the YouTubes,” Lacey said. “And when the swirly thing came on and the watch went back and forth, I got really sleepy, like when I get the itis after eating a bunch of ribs.” The 48-year-old grandmother said she can no longer perform her duties as a high school cafeteria worker after viewing the ad and has since filed for full disability with the state. “I can’t do nothing anymore, baby,” Lacey explained. “I been Kipnotized. All …

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