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So Much for Staying Together for the Kids

I typically don’t talk about education, mainly because I don’t have kids. But then again, neither does Oprah, so maybe that makes me an expert just like her. In any case, I find it quite troubling that we could very well soon have five separate public school districts within East Baton Rouge Parish. That’s five times the number of Dairy Queens in the whole damn parish, for Christ’s sake! Seriously, five school districts to one sorry Dairy Queen? And it’s not even a full-fledged stand-alone DQ! It’s one of those crappy quasi-DQs embedded in a gas station, conveniently located in “” of all places “” Central. Of the countless parishes, counties, and townships across this country that have at least one DQ, do we really want to be the only one with a 5:1 school district-to-Dairy Queen ratio? I know, I know, there are supposed to be more DQs opening …

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Political Data

It would seem that the inevitable is even more inevitable now. Mitt Romney has all but wrapped up the GOP nomination for the presidency, thanks to a crap ton of super PAC money and underwhelming endorsements from people who really wish someone else worth endorsing would have run for president in the first place. For many Republicans, Romney may be a turd of a candidate, but he’s their turd. A very white turd. I, for one, am glad Romney will be the nominee. Sure, he’s neither likable nor interesting. Nevertheless, he is quite entertaining, in a quirky, offbeat, quasi-funny sort of way. Basically, Romney is the Napoleon Dynamite of the GOP, only instead of Pedro, he wants you to vote for him. And just like Napoleon Dynamite, Romney is a bit eccentric, especially for a rich guy running for president and trying to convince voters he’s just like them. Granted, …

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