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Satire Assemble!

Dear Readers of Red Shtick: It is with great sadness that I admit defeat. Each month, it is my task to review a new film for you and attempt to find the humor contained within it. However, this month, I had a choice of exactly ONE film that I could review, and didn’t it just have to be The Avengers? From all early prescreening reports, The Avengers appears to be a great film. And it is. There. How was that? That is the uniform opinion of the entire moviegoing public that has seen the film. There are no stars in Avengers who currently provide fodder for entertainment gossip. Robert Downey Jr. has been clean and sober for years and has ceased to be a story. Chris Evans is Captain America again. Yawn. The most interesting thing about him is that because his last name begins with an E, he is …

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Titanic “” in 3-D

If you’re anything like me, when you first heard that Titanic was coming out in 3-D, you said to yourself, “GODDAMMIT!” and punched a baby in the mouth. OK, maybe it was not that severe, but holy cow moley, I can only fall at God’s feet and pray for understanding at the WTF-ness of it all. I mean, seriously, Hollywood: Are we gonna have to hear THAT song again and again and again “¦ AGAIN? For the love of Pete (whoever the hell he is!), Titanic came out 15 YEARS AGO!! The year was 1997. How long ago was that? Cast your mind back to these other fun events of 1997: Scientists revealed that they had made the first successful clone: a sheep named Dolly. “Denno Senshi Porygon” “” an episode of the children’s TV show Pokemon “” gave seizures to children the world over. The unsinkable RMS Titanic, which …

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God, Please Make the Bad Man Stop!

First off, I wanna congratulate our publisher and editor Jeremy White on this, his 100th issue of Red Shtick. It is a testament to what one man can achieve with a lot of hard work and a movie reviewer who doesn’t mind being paid with a dime bag. Of course, I am not, by far, the only writer Jeremy employs, and I’m well aware that the other writers here regard me with “¦ well, very little regard and use me as a cautionary tale for their kids. But I am determined to do my part to help celebrate this milestone. And even though you would think (hope) it were not possible, this month I share not only a review of the film A Thousand Words, but I’ll do it in the form of 100 interesting facts about A Thousand Words. I shall call this list “100 Interesting Facts About A …

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