About Us

What is The Red Shtick?

The Red Shtick is the digital offspring (some might say “bastard child”) of Red Shtick Magazine, which served as the only print satirical publication in Louisiana’s capital city for 8½ years. (That’s like 92 in Baton Rouge satirical publication years.)

Like its progenitor, The Red Shtick likes to think of itself as a bold and engaging source of satire and irreverent humor. And while The Red Shtick is completely digital and subsequently limited only by the scope of the worldwide web, it – like its printed precursor – has a tendency to focus on happenings in Baton Rouge and the rest of South Louisiana.


Why is it called The Red Shtick?

Baton Rouge is French for “red stick.” Shtick is a Yiddish term for “comedic theme.” Put the two together.


What does The Red Shtick cover?

The Red Shtick hits it all – politics, culture, sports, and lots more.


How long has The Red Shtick been around?

Red Shtick Magazine premiered in February 2004. In July 2012, it retired gracefully to make way for its digital descendant, The Red Shtick. Meanwhile, Red Shtick Magazine is currently living comfortably in South Florida where it’s not called nearly often enough by its children.


Who is The Red Shtick?

The Red Shtick is written by a collection of talented contributors representing various backgrounds: black, white, male, female, conservative, liberal, Christian, Buddhist, hell-bound atheist, and even Yankee.


Why does The Red Shtick exist?

The Red Shtick’s mission is to provide the Baton Rouge area (and the rest of the digital world) a comical enema to cure political impaction and cultural constipation.