There Can Be Only One — The Podcast 114: “Jigsaw”

[Explicit language]

TCBOO-Podcast-logoTwo movies titled Jigsaw enter, only one will leave (with that title) as Herman “OmegaPrime” Davis and Robert Rau watch a 1949 noir film — and the eighth installment of the Saw franchise — to determine which movie should be called Jigsaw.

Honestly, the first movie could have been a number of choices, but we went with the easiest one to find. Here you have an assistant district attorney unraveling a secret organization that’s eliminating its enemies. There are tons of cameos from famous people scattered throughout the movie, all drawing attention away from this standard crime tale. And while this title is meant to invoke a sense of mystery, there really wasn’t one to solve.

While our first film is nearly 70 years old, the second one just popped up on Amazon Prime. This eighth installment looks to revamp public interest in the franchise. It was apparently successful since a ninth and tenth movie have been greenlit. If you’ve seen any of the installments, this newest movie will not change your mind. Rather, it’s simply a reminder that other sequels will follow, and Tobin Bell has a solid paycheck as long as he wants it.

This one won’t be a toughie, but are either of these movies good enough to call itself Jigsaw? Listen if you dare.

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    • Director/Producer: Robert Rau
    • Executive Producer: Jeremy White

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