There Can Be Only One — The Podcast 111: “Friday”

[Explicit language]

TCBOO-Podcast-logoTwo movies titled Friday enter, only one will leave (with that title) as Herman “OmegaPrime” Davis and Robert Rau watch Herman gush about Chris Tucker and Ice Cube — and a Russian comedy about a nightclub and their many expenses — to see which movie should be called Friday.

Because Herman has been forced to endure some of the worst movies imaginable, he finally gets to select a movie that holds a special place in his heart. But before they watch the 1995 franchise starter, our hosts review a 2016 comedy from Russia about a night club and its many visitors. What’s really impressive is how much stuff is going on, and how much debt the club must be swimming in. Who goes out for steak to the spot with trance music? Well, it does take place on a Friday, so it has a shot at keeping its title.

The second movie is something Herman has seen multiple times, and Robert had never seen all the way thru once. This movie about nothing in particular features a ton of talent coming by to say hi to Chris and Cube while they wait around for a drug dealer to get revenge. This movie also takes place on a Friday, solidifying the most important criteria for keeping their title.

This one won’t be a toughie, but are either of these movies good enough to call itself Friday? Listen if you dare.

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    • Executive Producer: Jeremy White

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