There Can Be Only One — The Podcast 110: “Orgazmo”

[Explicit language]

TCBOO-Podcast-logoTwo movies titled Orgazmo enter, only one will leave (with that title) as Herman “OmegaPrime” Davis and Robert Rau watch a 1969 erotic thriller — and Trey Parker star in a porno — to see which movie should be called Orgazmo.

Back in the long ago, it wasn’t as easy for audiences to accept occasional nudity in movies. So even when a movie is named Orgazmo, the makers have to be on eggshells to make sure everything is on the up and up. Here, Carroll Baker plays a lonely rich lady with two attractive people trying to make her less rich and less alive. The movie is pretty entertaining, including an ending that borders on both insane and genius at the same time.

The second movie was one of the several failed attempts to make South Park co-creator Trey Parker a movie star. In this film, he plays a Mormon tricked into starring in a porn flick. Earning an NC-17 rating, it made little money in theaters, but developed a cult following because college kids had nothing better to do. Considering the character is named after the title, it won’t be easy to come up with any alternatives.

This one won’t be a toughie, but are either of these movies good enough to call itself Orgazmo? Listen if you dare.

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    • Director/Producer: Robert Rau
    • Executive Producer: Jeremy White

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Considered a poor man's Pat Sajak, Robert is a mild mannered state employee by day, entertainer by night.

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