E. Eric Guirard Records Pro-Trump Song “Space Force All the Way”

Noted conservative musical artist, writer, and part-time injury attorney E. Eric Guirard has recorded a single praising President Donald Trump and his plan to create a Space Force.

Guirard, who began his illustrious recording career by composing the country song “Tigers to the Top” for the 1981 LSU men’s basketball team’s trip to the Final Four, says he was inspired to create “Space Force All the Way” by one of Trump’s tweets about the proposed sixth branch of the U.S. military.

“When I saw the president simply tweet ‘Space Force all the way,’ I knew that was the title of a hit song,” Guirard recounted. “It was like he was speaking directly to me, telling me, ‘Hey, E., you should write a song about Space Force that is worthy of celebrating Space Force.’ So I got off Tindr and began working on ‘Space Force All the Way.'”

The previously disbarred bard claims it took him a fraction of an hour to write the words and music for his latest original song, which he predicts will “rocket to the top” of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Fifteen minutes later, I had the lyrics, the melody, and the chorus all written,” Guirard explained. “It was like I was possessed by President Trump himself and he was doing all the writing. It was a very spiritual experience, like a threesome I once had with one of my exes in Prague.”

“‘Space Force All the Way’ could do for American domination of the galaxy what President John Kennedy’s famous 1961 moon shot speech to Congress did for NASA.”

Guirard is hopeful his tune will galvanize the nation behind the president’s push for the creation of Space Force.

“I can see this song inspiring a whole generation to make America and space great again by becoming Space Force cadets,” Guirard insisted. “‘Space Force All the Way’ could do for American domination of the galaxy what President John Kennedy’s famous 1961 moon shot speech to Congress did for NASA.”

“Space Force All the Way” is Guirard’s second song inspired by the 45th president. Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, the author of the literary classic 101 Uses for Fat People churned out “Dumped Because of Trump,” in which Guirard bemoans relationship issues caused by his ardent support of the president.

In 2015, Guirard recorded the female-themed “Trouble, Time and Money,” which would later become the official anthem of the #MeToo movement. A few years earlier during the Obama administration, Guirard left his creative comfort zone by releasing a conservative rap album deemed too stupid for the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends.

As with his recent singles, Guirard produced a video for “Space Force All the Way” and published it online. However, YouTube removed it from their platform, claiming it violated their terms of service, as well as the Geneva Conventions.


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