Woman Treats Trump-loving Coworker Like Senile Grandfather to Keep Peace

Eleanor Bunson hates conflict, which is why whenever a colleague expresses adoration for President Donald Trump, she pretends he’s her intellectually disabled grandfather.

Bunson, a 32-year-old architect who works at a small Baton Rouge firm, says she’d rather keep the peace at the office than confront her coworker, 35-year-old Keith Blanchard, who is fond of heaping flowery praise upon the president. She avoids creating strife in such instances by treating Blanchard as though he were her senile 81-year-old grandfather, she explained.

“It happens at least once a day, sometimes four or five,” Bunson noted. “Keith will chat me up to gush about how awesome Trump is. Instead of challenging the bullshit he’s obviously eaten up, I just act the same way I do around my Grandpa Dennis. He has dementia pretty bad.”

“I just slowly nod and say something like, ‘How interesting,’ ‘Really?’ or ‘I had no idea.'”

She said her portion of their interactions mostly involves nodding and feigning curious astonishment at claims that are demonstrably untrue.

“Whenever he mentions things like Trump having a higher approval rating than any other GOP president, even though Abe Lincoln died decades before either the phone or polling was invented,” she explained, “I just slowly nod and say something like, ‘How interesting,’ ‘Really?’ or ‘I had no idea.'”

Bunson stated she has frequently found herself offering the same sort of doting reaction to other highly specious claims by Blanchard, including assertions that Trump is a “very smart, good Christian who really cares about America” who “gave up billions of dollars to run for president” and “always does what’s best for the country rather than himself.”

“My grandfather’s condition has taught me to not argue with people who aren’t of sound mind and judgment,” she added. “It just makes life a lot more peaceful.”


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