There Can Be Only One – The Podcast 102: “Solo”

[Explicit language]

TCBOO-Podcast-logoTwo movies titled Solo enter, only one will leave (with that title) as Herman “OmegaPrime” Davis and Robert Rau watch Disney squeeze more money out of the Star Wars franchise — and Mario Van Peebles be the most charismatic murder machine — to determine which should be called Solo.

Even with a third movie choice available on Amazon Prime tempting our hosts, these two films were clearly worth talking about. Robert wastes no time in showing his disgust for what Disney is doing to the Star Wars franchise, leaving Herman as the lone champion of the new movies. But titles have nothing to do with the quality of movie, so discussion switched to who really was the star(s) of the movie.

Our second film wastes no time telling you who’s large and in charge, because it’s all about Mario Van Peebles being a smooth killer robot in the jungles of every-town, South America. But the moment he thinks killing children is bad, his handlers want to disassemble him. This doesn’t sit well with Mario, which leads to much explosions. All this mayhem could have been avoided if they named him something more autonomous, instead of hinting at his inevitable betrayal.

This one won’t be a toughie, but is either movie good enough to call itself Solo? Listen if you dare.

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