YOUR VOICES: 10 Senators Voted Against an Anti-bestiality Bill. What Say You?

By a vote of 25-10, the Louisiana Senate approved a measure that aims to make sex with animals unambiguously illegal. Ten members of the upper chamber voted against Senate Bill 236, which New Orleans Sen. J.P. Morrell authored and sponsored after the Humane Society voiced concern about the murkiness of the state’s current “crimes against nature” law.

What do you think about this?

“Just 10?”

Laura Villalobos, life coach trainer



“Can we say these 10 people screwed the pooch?”

Terrance Pyle, tweet curator


“It’s nice to know there are at least 10 people in this state willing to stand up for my right to have sex with all the hot pieces of ass walking around my farm.”

Martin Yates, gravel spreader



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