LSU Fraternity Row Seeing Spike in White Flight

Outward migration of white residents has risen dramatically along sections of Dalrymple and West Lakeshore drives where fraternity houses are located on LSU’s campus.

The area known as Fraternity Row has seen its young, affluent white male population drop at an alarming rate over the past few weeks and months.

Some university officials speculate the trend may be connected to a spate of Greek organizations having been suspended or shut down for violating LSU’s policies. However, they stopped short of saying the white flight is a direct result of fraternities being kicked off campus for hazing and killing pledges.

“The exodus from Fraternity Row might at least partially stem from the fact over a dozen fraternities are suspended or shut down for being utter douchenozzles who don’t care about the well-being of their so-called brothers, but it’s hard to definitively say what’s causing all the young white males to move away,” LSU spokesman Carl Benson explained.

“I’ve been jogging by here for years, and this area just keeps getting sketchier with all the boarded-up frat houses.”

The growing number of shuttered houses along Fraternity Row that young white men of means once called home has some LSU students and other Baton Rouge residents worried about the future of that area of campus.

“I’ve been jogging by here for years, and this area just keeps getting sketchier with all the boarded-up frat houses,” avid runner Jane Caldwell said. “Granted, I didn’t really feel all that safe when all the frat boys were living there, but the jury is still out on whether or not this is an improvement.”

Meanwhile, LSU senior Denitra Lovell said she’s concerned about what will become of the area.

“Who’s going to move into a house where some dude screwed a goat while another guy was alcohol poisoned to death?” Lovell asked, adding, “I sure don’t want that kind of person living near me, that’s for sure.”


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