Report: Harvey’s Flooding Insufficient to Cover Trump’s Callously Timed Political Stunts

The historic deluge produced by Hurricane Harvey is still not enough to drown out the host of political shenanigans President Donald Trump engaged in just as the Category Four storm was coming ashore, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The commander of the Galveston District of the Corps said trillions of gallons of rain from the deadly tropical system is just a fraction of the amount of water needed to completely obscure the multiple, highly controversial actions Trump took just as southeast Texas was bracing for the catastrophic hurricane.

“President Trump obviously tried to unload some whoppers in hopes Harvey would produce an ample amount of storm surge, torrential rain, and flash flooding to either cover them all up or wash them out of the country’s consciousness,” Col. Lars Zetterstrom explained. “However, despite the unprecedented inundation seen in southeast Texas, it is still not nearly enough to overcome the president’s prestorm news dump.”

Trump’s Friday news dump was simply too massive for even Harvey to flush away.

Just hours before Harvey made landfall Friday evening with 130 mph sustained winds, Trump created his own storm by firing his controversial deputy adviser (and alleged Nazi) Seb Gorka, signing a directive banning transgender people from the military, and pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Zetterstrom estimates the catastrophic flooding caused by Harvey might’ve been enough to engulf one of those stunts but insisted Trump’s Friday news dump was simply too massive for even Harvey to flush away.

“Gorka’s firing alone would have been relatively quickly washed away,” Zetterstrom said. “But when you’re talking about that AND kicking out untold people from the military AND pardoning a racist who made a woman give birth while shackled, you would need the water of at least five Harveys — all hitting simultaneously — to even begin to flush out that reeking mess.”


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