The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 238: “Baton Rouge: Come Here for AIDS”

[Explicit language]


Former executive director of Celtic Media and Louisiana’s most awesome cheerleader Patrick Mulhearn returns to El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant to witness Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White reminding everyone in the first 12 minutes of the show that they’re going to hell.

After touching on hillbilly anti-vaxxers, Hulk Hogan’s penis size, and Terry Schiavo, the guys discuss virgin/whore sacrifices during solar eclipses, serial radio show callers, and Nick chicks. Patrick lists the myriad celebrity couples who broke up after coming through Baton Rouge, and Jeremy and Sunny opine why our city kills celebrity relationships.

Later, the guys talk about a novel way for law firms to advertise their services, snowflake cops charging people with felonies for giving them the bird, and time-traveling Donald Trump. Jeremy also offers a Florida-man-themed news quiz.


Theme music by Bob Prattini

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