YOUR VOICES: Mayor Broome Hired Silky Slim to Teach Kids Respect for Cops. What Say You?

Documents obtained by local media outlets show Mayor Sharon Weston Broome had contractually agreed to pay local activist and rapper Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed $9,800 for 40 hours of work involving teaching teens communication techniques “designed to avoid violence and build increased respect between the community and police.” Broome canceled the contract after Reed addressed the East Baton Rouge Metro Council and said, “Justice came when Gavin Long came,” referring to the man who ambushed, shot, and killed three local law enforcement officers, and wounded three more, last July.

What do you think about this?

“I don’t mean to be judgmental, but it sounds like he was really bad at doing what he was hired to do.”

Jonathan Dunbar, Twitter archivist


“I can’t believe Mayor Broome got fooled by an overweight guy who calls himself ‘Slim.'”

Will Staples, social commentator


“That’d be like Scott Rogers serving as chaplain for the Sheriff’s Office. Oh, wait; he did.”

Lauren Ashlock, phishing guide



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