The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 233: “Billions of Mongrels”

[Explicit language]


The original podcast trio gathers at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant as Sunny Weathers, Jeremy White, and Dorque’s Knick Moore (aka three white guys) do nearly an entire episode about various race-related stories.

Topics include Gary Chambers saying he’s (not really) cool with interracial relationships, the surliness of Calandro’s employees, and the less-than-welcoming attitudes at a generically named Denham Springs cocktail and cigar bar. The guys offer ways Calandro’s can make amends to the people they wrongly accuse of shoplifting, plus Knick and Jeremy force Sunny to defend Gary Chambers.

The show wraps up after a quick news quiz involving flames and piss.


Theme music by Bob Prattini

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