The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 232: “Good Times in Tigerland”

[Explicit language]


After recently traveling abroad to Tennessee and England, James Brown finally returns to the show, joining Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for an episode filled with less-than-obvious film and TV references.

The guys cover breaking news about BRPD busting Reggie’s in Tigerland and its 16-year-old patrons, all while James sings the theme from Good Times and proceeds to get housed on half of an El Presidente. They also discuss the story of Jace Crehan, who was inspired by Gary Plauche’s lack of jail time for killing a child molester, and who’s accused of killing his fiancée’s molester, and whose fiancée turned state’s witness against him.

The show wraps up after Jeremy brings up digital death masks and Sunny induces a spit take by James.


Theme music by Bob Prattini

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