Rep. Clay Higgins Challenges All of Facebook to Duel

Freshman Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins has offered to engage in pugilism with any person who posts negative comments about him on Facebook.

In a post on his official congressional Facebook page, the former St. Landry Parish sheriff’s deputy and viral Crimestoppers videos star who rode his wave of fame to Washington, D.C., dared his online critics to take him on in a battle of fisticuffs. The outspoken Republican said anyone willing to disparage him on the internet should be willing to “back it up in an affair of honor” in person.

“Ye invisible naysayers are assuredly a cowardly lot, ye and your ilk. Thou engageth in chamberpot chatter safely from thou bedchamber. In my face, then. Don’t sing it; bring it. For once in thou pathetic existence, prove thou mettle. Hurl ye brickbat whence thou mayest be alighted by the same,” Higgins wrote.

The congressman’s spokesman, Chris Comeaux, said Higgins is willing to combat his detractors “anywhere, anytime,” and that the matches would adhere to Marquess of Queensbury rules.

Comeaux explained that Higgins, who was elected despite owing six figures in back child support to his ex-wife, is a “man of honor” who doesn’t take insults lightly. He also said the congressman is providing leadership by attempting to revive the code duello, the set of rules that regulate dueling.

“This country has gotten too soft. There are too many keyboard warriors out there who can’t even throw a real punch,” Comeaux said. “Like President Donald Trump, Congressman Captain Clay Higgins wants to make America great again by bringing back the days when men settled their differences on the field of honor. If it was good enough for our founding fathers like Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, it’s good enough for Clay Higgins.”


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