Cajun Trump Supporter Says Son to Be Named “Ceauxfefe”

An expectant father from Iberia Parish announced via Facebook that he will honor Donald Trump by dubbing his son with a Cajunized version of a presidential typo.

Avid Trump supporter Dave Richeaux posted this week that he and his wife are expecting a baby boy in August. He said they plan to name their son “Ceauxfefe” to honor both his Cajun roots and one of Trump’s tweets that has since been deleted.

Intrepid Red Shtick intern Dave Robicheaux took time out of his busy schedule investigating unsolved murders in the swamp to swing by the New Horizons trailer park in New Iberia and ask Richeaux about the name Ceauxfefe.

“This president is allowed to make mistakes, and little Ceauxfefe was a little mistake of our own.”

The Red Shtick: “Isn’t this name a little unusual? Especially with the gratuitous modification of adding ‘eaux’ to the name?”

Richeaux: “Mais no! What better way to honor our Cajun heritage and the man who is going to make America great again?”

Richeaux admitted he was disappointed he wasn’t allowed to bring his guns to a recent Trump rally, but insisted that did not diminish his man-crush on The Donald.

The Red Shtick: “We’re well aware of your love for Trump, but this is still kind of bizarre, don’t you think?”

Richeaux: “Of course it isn’t. This president is allowed to make mistakes, and little Ceauxfefe was a little mistake of our own. Here we thought we were done having kids, so my old lady stopped taking her birth control around Halloween. We got carried away on election night, and now we can’t delete it like Trump did with his Tweet.”

The Red Shtick: “So what is going to be a greater embarrassment to your future son: the fact he was named after a Twitter mistake or the fact his father voted for Donald Trump?”

At this point, Robicheaux wisely ended the interview. He was last seen running toward Lafayette while being chased by three pickup trucks with Confederate flags, six pit bulls, and an opossum named Toby. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


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