Louisiana Crawfish Season Comes to an Abrupt End After Billy Nungesser Visits Lafayette

Louisiana has seen a plentiful crawfish season in 2017 with harvests exceeding expectations after the devastating flood last August. Although experts feared the favorite Lenten staple of Cajuns across the state would suffer from the deluge, the tasty crustaceans were plentiful and big, much to the delight of crawfish aficionados.

While crawfish season typically comes to an end as summer rolls around, this season was unfortunately cut short weeks early after Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser traveled to Lafayette as part of his statewide tourism promotion.

Part of his effort includes enticing more foreign visitors (after extreme vetting of their wallets), and encouraging Louisiana residents to stay in-state for their vacations, rather than travel to such exotic locales as Gulf Shores or Biloxi.

“We’re asking people in Louisiana to Stay-cation: Take one vacation here at home,” Nungesser told a gathering of area tourism officials gathered in Lafayette.

Nungesser stated that he didn’t eat “that many crawfish,” and that he “definitely did not sell museum art on eBay” to pay the bill.

In an attempt to boost lagging tourism in Acadiana following a slump in the oil industry, Nungesser announced the 10th annual Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off will move from New Orleans to Lafayette.

“Twelve chefs from all over the state will be competing here in Lafayette for the king or queen of seafood,” Nungesser said, according to KLFY.

In an unexpected turn of events, however, area crawfish suppliers have reported that their stocks were severely depleted after Nungesser left town. From Lake Charles to Henderson, only frozen crawfish saved for the off-season remained.

When reached for comment, Nungesser stated that he didn’t eat “that many crawfish,” and that he “definitely did not sell museum art on eBay” to pay the bill.

North Louisiana cities are expected to avoid Lafayette’s fate, mainly because nobody actually wants to visit them nor eat anything they might have to serve.


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