GUEST COLUMN: “Look Over There!” – Donald Trump, President of the United States

Stop looking at that!

Yeah, you. Quit looking at whatever you’re focused on, and look over there! Yes, over there.

Just look! You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t. It really is unbelievable, what’s over there. I promise!

Over there is something absolutely tremendous. It’s incredible. Believe me. Over there is something so much more interesting than whatever you’re looking at now. So you really ought to look over there.

For the love of God, look over there!

Why aren’t you looking over there yet? Did the Fake News tell you to keep looking at what you’re looking at? Don’t listen to them. Just shift your attention to over there, already, will ya?

For the love of God, look over there!

No, not there. Not there, either. Over there. No, over there. Yes, over there. That’s where you want to look.

No, no, no! Don’t go back to what you were looking at before! I said look over there!

Yes, that’s it. Look over there. Just look in that direction. And keep looking over there.

Are you still looking over there? Fantastic. I told you it was worth it. Keep looking over there.

Isn’t that way more interesting than what you were looking at before? I told you so.

OK, that’s enough. Quit looking there, and now look over there. No, the other over there. There’s something even more tremendous over there to look at.


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