The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 225: “Madison Mexicano and Officer Honey Bunny”

[Explicit language]


Madison Mexicano (aka Shelley Dufresne)

Media personality Brian Haldane joins Sunny Weathers and fellow composting enthusiast Jeremy White at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for a show involving the tail/tale of two Shelleys/Shellies.

Officer Honey Bunny (aka Shellie Maranto)

Jeremy presents The Advocate’s Chad Calder’s tweets of gold about the recent trial of Shelley Dufresne, the former Destrehan High School teacher who shagged her then-16-year-old male student and was charged with having a threesome with him and another teacher in Jefferson Parish. Later, the guys talk about former Brusly Police officer Shellie Maranto, who was caught on camera with a badge, a gun, and absolutely no chill.

Also, there are discussions about old New Orleans statues that divide and new Baton Rouge statues designed to unite (but really just creep people out). Plus, Burger King pissed off Google.


Theme music by Bob Prattini

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