The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 223: “Sunny Weathers’ Toys for Watts”

[Explicit language]


In a last-minute change of venue (El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant was unexpectedly closed for Easter week), Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White welcome their old stand-up pal Trey Romero — and his co-conspirator Skyler Prejean — who came all the way from New Orleans just to make his debut on the show.

After recalling their underage purchases of booze and smokes, the guys discuss United Airlines’ infamous re-accommodation of a passenger. Later, a DeRidder police union raffle prize inspires fantasies involving Tazing cops and Sunny offering to be Tazed to raise money for his favorite charity.

Also, Sunny and Trey have been kicked out of malls before, but never pepper-sprayed by a Dillard’s security guard like Lil Boosie was.


Theme music by Bob Prattini

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