GUEST COLUMN: “I Care About Syrians, Just Not Enough to Let Them in the U.S.” — Rosie Parker

Off the WireLike a lot of Americans, I was absolutely horrified by the sight of Syrians — men, women, and even young children — dying an excruciating death caused by exposure to a nerve agent dropped on them by their own government. My heart goes out to these poor, suffering people and their families.

However, that doesn’t mean I want them in this country.

Sure, they’re the latest innocent victims of a bloody, yearslong civil war that has claimed hundreds of thousands of civilians’ lives, and untold thousands more likely will die before it’s all over. But I still don’t think the American government should allow them to immigrate here, no matter how much they’ve been vetted.

I’ve let my feelings about this issue be known in no uncertain terms on social media. I’ve made numerous posts clearly stating my views, specifically that I care about Syrians, just not enough to let them in the U.S.

I’d be seen as some sort of callous monster if I didn’t express some sort of concern about those horrific images.

I mean, how heartless would I be if I said I didn’t care about them after so many people have seen footage of those dying people futilely gasping for breath after Bashar Assad’s forces attacked them with chemical weapons? I’d be seen as some sort of callous monster if I didn’t express some sort of concern about those horrific images.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t negate the fact I don’t want Syrian refugees to be given safe harbor here. Let them go to another country where the people exhibit a different kind of caring, the kind of caring that grants them asylum to escape the horrors of a proxy war rather than simply firing a few dozen token cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase after issuing a warning hours in advance.

And if they can’t find a place like that, maybe they can stay in Syria and try to resolve what is arguably the most complicated civil war the Middle East has ever seen, all while dodging bombs and chemical weapons. I’ll be right here caring about them and their plight whenever I see footage that warrants my outrage.


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