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There Can Be Only One – The Podcast 51: “Life”

[Explicit language]

TCBOO-Podcast-logoTwo movies titled Life enter, only one will leave (with that title) as Herman “OmegaPrime” Davis and Robert Rau watch bro-mates Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal battle a gross alien — and bro-pals Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence battle a gross justice system — to determine which movie should be called Life.

While there are plenty of options for this title, we went with the newest and most entertaining versions. The first film is still in theaters and features two famous people — and others — revitalizing an alien stuck on Mars for millions of years. This movie benefits from the R-rating, which is mainly due to some pretty disgusting moments and plenty of F-words by Reynolds. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem necessary to call the movie Life, especially when they keep referring to the creature as “Calvin,” which would be a much more unique title for a movie.

The second is a buddy comedy with plenty of heartbreaking scenes (usually reserved for montages) starring funny people who are frequently in unfunny movies. Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence portray two guys locked away for a crime they didn’t commit. It helps they are locked away for a prison sentence applicable to the title of the movie, which makes the decision of whether or not to rename it much easier.

But will we go with a more obvious choice, or let a newer film claim this name? Listen if you dare.

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Show credits:

    • Director/Producer: Robert Rau
    • Executive Producer: Jeremy White

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