YOUR VOICES: Congress Repealed Internet Privacy Rules. What Say You?

The House of Representatives voted 215-205 to roll back a regulation requiring internet service providers to get their customers’ permission before selling massive amounts of data collected from the websites people visit, including medical, financial, and other personal information. According to a White House statement, President Donald Trump is expected to sign the measure, which the Senate approved last week, 50-48, largely along party lines. 

What do you think about this?

“Somebody’s willing to pay money to learn the sordid details of my pathetic existence? Cool.”

Cole Dougherty, pencil salesman


“I just wrap my modem in tinfoil. Problem solved.”

Dawn Pluck, grant writer



“If selling our browser histories to the highest bidder will help a struggling, government-sanctioned monopoly become more powerful, it’s our duty as Americans to support it.”

Corey Edwards, history reviser


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