Sen. Bill Cassidy: “Affordable Care Act Good. Obamacare Bad.”

Physician and U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy made medical history last week by managing to detach a pair of terms that were previously believed to be inextricably synonymous.

One of the leading voices in the debate over the future of health care, Cassidy broke new ground by separating the monikers “Affordable Care Act” and “Obamacare.”

“Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, not same,” the senior senator from Louisiana proclaimed to a scrum of reporters outside the Senate Chamber last week. “Affordable Care Act good. Obamacare bad.”

Cassidy continued to employ his lingual scalpel by explaining the difference between the ACA and the popular pejorative bestowed upon it by former President Barack Obama’s detractors.

“Affordable Care Act different animal. Obamacare subset,” he clarified. “Republicans keep Affordable Care Act, repeal Obamacare.”

The final bit of remarkable surgical parsing came when Cassidy insisted President Donald Trump, who vigorously campaigned on the promise of fully repealing and replacing the ACA, didn’t actually campaign on fully repealing the ACA.

“President Trump no run on complete repeal,” he stated. “President Trump run on everyone have coverage, no mandate, cover pre-existing conditions, lower cost.”

Cassidy’s performance drew high praise from his Republican colleague, and orthopedic surgeon, Sen. John Barrasso, of Wyoming.

“Our friend and HUD secretary Dr. Ben Carson may have successfully separated twins conjoined at the head, but even he could learn a thing or two from Dr. Cassidy,” Barrasso said.


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