Steve Scalise Holds Contentious Town Hall Meeting With Stuffed Animals

Rep. Steve Scalise was hoping to buck the trend of Republican members of Congress being greeted by boisterously hostile crowds back home.

Things didn’t go quite as planned.

The House Majority Whip from Slidell was hoping to hold a quiet, civil town hall meeting with cute, adorable constituents from his daughter’s bedroom closet. However, video of the event — which was live-streamed on social media — showed Scalise was repeatedly shouted down by several members of the rancorous audience, which consisted entirely of stuffed animals.

Even before his opening remarks, Scalise was jeered upon arrival by dozens of the cuddly inanimate objects gathered before him. Chants of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” morphed into “Do your job!”

Pinky the Elephant stood up and trumpeted, “I’m ashamed to be the symbol of your party!”

Once things settled down a bit, Scalise was peppered with tough questions about a variety of topics ranging from the GOP’s effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act to Scalise and his party’s resolve to thoroughly investigate Russian influence in last year’s presidential election.

The audience at Steve Scalise recent town hall was surprisingly rowdy.

At one point, when Scalise gave an answer many in the audience found less than satisfying, Pinky the Elephant stood up and trumpeted, “I’m ashamed to be the symbol of your party!” which prompted another round of repeated shouts of “Shame!” from the furry attendees.

Scalise then abruptly left the meeting and fled his daughter’s bedroom.

Later, he told reporters that the stuffed toys in attendance were not real constituents but rather “paid professional protesters funded by George Soros to disrupt Republican town hall meetings.”


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