Child Evacuated From Bomb-Threatened Jewish Center Reassured by Trump’s Electoral College Tally

A frightened 5-year-old girl evacuated from a Florida Jewish community center following a bomb threat found comfort in President Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory margin.

Preschooler Rachel Bauer was distraught while being evacuated from the Roth Family Jewish Center of Greater Orlando for the third time in two weeks, each time prompted by an anonymous phone call claiming a bomb had been planted there. However, Bauer immediately was calmed down upon being reminded that Trump managed to win 306 electoral votes in November, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton garnered only 232.

“Little Rachel was bawling her big brown eyes out as we, once again, carried her and all her friends out of the building and into a parking lot filled with police vehicles, firetrucks, cops in tactical gear, and bomb-sniffing dogs,” preschool teacher Anya Cherney recalled. “But once we got to a spot where she could hear me over the wailing sirens and the dozens of other screaming children, I told her everything was going to be OK because Donald Trump had gotten a lot more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton. That seemed to settle her down.”

Cherney said she’s thankful for Trump’s electoral tally and its steadfast moral authority in the face of such acts of hatred.

In addition to scores of Jewish community centers around the country receiving similar threats since Trump’s election, several Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized. When initially asked during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the rise of anti-Semitism in America, Trump cited his electoral victory to help reassure frightened Jews, like Rachel.

Cherney said that while she fears the bomb threats are likely to continue, she’s thankful for Trump’s electoral tally and its steadfast moral authority in the face of such acts of hatred.

“Sure, he may have a white nationalist as his chief of staff and rabid support from members of the alt-right like David Duke, but his electoral votes send a much louder message than any anti-Semitic tweet he and members of his staff might retweet,” Cherney added.


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