Likely Reasons Judge Trudy White Took a Three-month Leave of Absence

State District Court Judge Trudy White returned to the 19th Judicial District Court last week after a three-month hiatus from the bench, according to The Advocate.

White left in mid-November without publicly explaining why she needed the time off. She resumed her duties on the bench in the same manner, leaving us to merely speculate as to what she did during her leave time.

To that end, here are some of the most probable reasons for White’s recent hiatus.


• Had to get her groove back


• Doctors ordered she take time off to recover from strained capillaries


• Climbed Mount Everest


• Had that not-so-fresh feeling


• Served a brief stint in the Peace Corps


• Wrote the great American novel


• Needed time off after the humiliating failure of her alpaca farm


• Required some “me” time


• Indigestion


• Worked as a Beyhive intern


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