YOUR VOICES: Louisiana Again Among 10 Worst States for Well-Being. What Say You?

Louisiana came in 43rd in the most recent edition of Gallup-Healthways’ State of American Well-Being Rankings, which incorporates various metrics to determine how people feel about their daily lives. The Bayou State slipped one spot from No. 42 last year, marking the seventh time since 2008 Louisiana has ranked in the bottom 10.

What do you think about this?

“Seems kind of low. I mean, the last guy to rob me only pistol-whipped me.”

Hector Garcia, landscaping critic


“That doesn’t affect me. I’m a human being, not a well being. Do I look like I live in a well?”

Ann Park, Instagram curator


“That’s bullshit. I make good money on disability for the mesothelioma I caught at the chem plant. It’s almost enough to cover the copay for my insulin.”

Randy Weston, crank caller


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