The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 216: “Allegating at Sammy’s”

[Explicit language]


Comedian Robert Rau pinch hits for Sunny Weathers, and Herman “Omega Prime” Davis makes his official debut on the show as the two hosts of “There Can Be Only One: The Podcast” join Jeremy White at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant.

Shockingly, the guy with three kids who calls himself “Omega Prime” is much more confident in his abilities as a lover than the two childless guys without nicknames. And nearly as surprising, the two guys who host a podcast about (mostly bad) movies talk about mostly bad movies.

Later, the panel discusses a state district judge being banned from his usual hangout for allegedly dropping N-bombs, and Herman gives us a little insight into what it’s like to drive a cab in Baton Rouge.


Theme music by Bob Prattini

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