Islamic State Reaffirms Desire to Kill All Humanity, Not Just Americans, Despite Trump’s Provocations

Off the WireNotwithstanding President Donald Trump goading Muslim extremists to attack the U.S., the Islamic State group reassured the world that the terror organization still has its eyes set on destroying the entire human population, not just Americans.

A spokesman for the group, also known as ISIS, told Al-Jazeera this week that the Islamic State group’s leaders remain committed to killing people of all races and religions — even other Muslims — from around the globe, and insisted America will have to wait its turn to be attacked, no matter how hard Trump tries to bait them into a terrorist strike against the U.S.

Abu Mohammad al-Adnani claimed the president seems anxious to see another major terrorist attack on U.S. soil. He cited comments Trump made prior to the election, his executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim nations, and his notorious Twitter feed, including a tweet explicitly blaming a federal judge for any future terrorist attacks.

“Trump seems to be itching for us to attack America under his watch,” al-Adnani said. “First came his inflammatory anti-Islam comments during his campaign, then came the Muslim ban. And now he’s basically begging us to slaughter Americans with the promise it will create widespread distrust and hatred of an entire branch of government.”

“Unlike Trump, who hates just Muslims, we hate everyone equally. We will not stoop to Trump’s level of singling out and demonizing members of just one religion.”

However, as tempting as it may be to capitalize on the moment by sowing discord and severely undermining Americans’ faith in their nation’s democratic institutions, al-Adnani maintained it would be improper for the Islamic State group to give the U.S. preferential treatment simply because Trump is demanding it.

“They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but that’s no way to run a professional caliphate,” al-Adnani explained. “Besides, unlike Trump, who hates just Muslims, we hate everyone equally. We will not stoop to Trump’s level of singling out and demonizing members of just one religion. We may be heartless butchers hell-bent on bringing about the end of the world by instigating a war against Islam, but at least we don’t discriminate against potential targets.”

The Islamic State group appreciates Trump’s tremendous efforts in helping to motivate and recruit members, according to al-Adnani, but it also is concerned with his mental state.

“We thank Allah every day for all the bulletin board material Trump has provided us, and continues to do so,” he stated. “But really, it all just screams, ‘Hey, look at me! Pay attention to me! Attack my country!’ It’s really sad and pathetic and belies some deep-seated insecurities. The guy’s got some serious emotional problems.”

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