YOUR VOICES: Tiger Stadium Broken Into Three Times This Month. What Say You?

LSU Police are reportedly investigating an unauthorized entry into Tiger Stadium this past weekend, the third such occurrence this month, according to The Advocate. Campus police describe the latest alleged break-in as a “burglary,” while nothing was reported stolen during the previous weekend’s incident. Earlier this month, vandals illegally gained access to Tiger Stadium and inflicted “minimal damage” to the natural-grass football field.

What do you think about this?

“Somehow, this is all Nick Saban’s fault.”

Sarah Keen, underwear inspector



“This crap didn’t happen when Mike the Tiger was alive.”

Mike Schneider, haberdasher


“Has anyone bothered to check Les Miles’ alibi?”

Liz Wright, engraver



“How the hell can the football team expect to have lockdown cornerbacks if they can’t even lock down Tiger Stadium?”

James Polk, mason


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