Guaranty Broadcasting Sues Morning Show Duo for Cancelling Delivery of Totally Not Lame Jokes

It looks like the year 2017 is starting out just as tragic for the Baton Rouge area as 2016 was.

After broadcasting their totally original brand of humor for nearly 18 years on one of Baton Rouge’s most powerful and popular radio stations, the not-even-slightly-hackneyed morning duo of Walton & Johnson are now conspicuously absent from Eagle 98.1’s lineup. Guaranty Broadcasting no longer has four-and-a-half hours of pure syndicated comedy gold to air each morning, capped off with an always hilarious reminder for the boys and girls tuning in to “eat it every day.”

Instead of Walton & Johnson and their guffaw-inducing cast of characters broadcasting from the 1,500-foot tower of a 95,000-watt FM station, the pair are now on WJBO, a 15,000-watt AM station that doesn’t even reach all parts of East Baton Rouge Parish.

It truly is a sad day for those who enjoy being constantly and wackily reminded by two guys from Texas how awful brown people are.

Moreover, “The Radio Gawds” parted ways with Eagle 98.1 without duly notifying the deities at Guaranty Broadcasting, according to a lawsuit filed in 19th Judicial District Court last month.

In its suit, Guaranty says Walton & Johnson verbally informed the locally owned broadcasting group last month that they would cease providing it with grade-A xenophobic wisecracks after December 31, 2016. However, Guaranty’s contract with Walton & Johnson requires such notice to have been delivered in writing before October 2, 2016, the suit states.

It truly is a sad day for those who enjoy being constantly and wackily reminded by two guys from Texas how awful brown people are.

Michael L. Eckstein, premier lawyer for premier entertainers

Perhaps Walton & Johnson — and their reportedly equally comical attorney Michael L. Eckstein, of New Orleans — were too busy writing top-notch jokes about Mexicans and A-rabs to be bothered with writing a boring letter to the folks at Guaranty. Whatever the reason why the syndicated couple and their attorney reportedly failed to send written notice over three months ago, Guaranty says the contract automatically renewed on October 2 for another two-year term, effective January 1, per the terms of said contract.

This means that since early October, Guaranty and its sales department had been selling (with, like, signed contracts and everything) untold amounts of airtime and other forms of advertising to scores of area businesses under the assumption Eagle 98.1 would be carrying Walton & Johnson on weekday mornings from 5:30-10 a.m. through 2018. But that assumption, which was based on the assumption Eckstein knows how contracts work, made an ass out of Guaranty, so now Guaranty is taking Walton’s and Johnson’s asses to court for breach of contract.

God, I hope they do voices and wacky banter for the judge, if for no other reason than to see if “Billy Ed,” “Mr. Eaux,” and “Mr. Kenneth” are all sworn in separately.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Walton & Johnson have parted ways with one of their FM rock-format affiliates — where, over the years, they have reportedly gained a core listener demographic of men ages 25 to 54 — for an AM talk station, where target audiences are much older (the average listener is typically 65-plus), much angrier men.

For a long time, they were the morning show for the legendary Houston rock station KLOL. That is, until they were soundly beaten in the ratings department by another rock station, Eagle 96.9.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Man, when did Walton & Johnson start hating Mexicans so much?” the answer is likely November 10, 2004. That’s when the duo informed listeners that, if they wanted to continue listening to the station, they had better learn Spanish. Two days later, after a rerun of the Walton & Johnson show followed by Metallica’s “Sad But True” and The Who’s “I’m Free,” the station flipped formats and began airing “Hurban” (Hispanic + Urban; not my term) music under the moniker Mega 101.

Visual approximation of Walton and/or Johnson

That’s right. Spanish-speaking brown people took Walton’s and Johnson’s jobs. Of course, their ratings had been dropping well before that, forcing the station to turn Spanish, but let’s not get mired in details.

Meanwhile, the duo eventually made their way to their current flagship station, AM 950 KPRC, “Houston’s More Stimulating Talk Radio.” That’s a great tagline, and I’m pretty confident Walton & Johnson have made at least a handful of hilarious jokes over the years about “stimulation.” As in sexual stimulation. Get it?

Anyway, that tagline is quite apt, given that the talk on KPRC is so stimulating, the station reportedly sits in 30th place in the ratings department in Houston.

Honestly, I know it’s a big city, but I had no idea Houston even had 30 radio stations. In a weird way, I’m sort of impressed they managed to end up in 30th place.

This means Walton & Johnson — whose flagship station has fewer listeners than 29 other Houston stations, and also carries the likes of former-shock-jock-turned-conservative-pundit-turned-walking-talking-punchline Glenn Beck — are making absolutely side-splitting jokes about people who speak Spanish, while their former flagship station is airing Spanish pop music to thousands of those same Spanish-speaking people. That really makes me want to (K)LOL.

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