Vegas Lays Odds on Trump’s Twitter Account Getting Someone Killed

Off the WireFeeling lucky? Las Vegas oddsmakers are offering the chance to wager on the proposition someone will die as a direct result of something Donald Trump shared on Twitter.

Whether it’s an original tweet by the president-elect or a presidential retweet of some random person that inspires someone to commit suicide or kill another person, you can now bet on the chance someone will lose his or her life because of Trump’s impulsive social media habits.

“Whenever Trump tweets something negative about someone, which is not uncommon, it invariably results in death threats against that person,” said Pat Morrow, head oddsmaker at Bovada sportsbook. “Sooner or later, someone is going to follow through on one of those threats and off somebody targeted by the president-elect, or, at least, the person receiving the threats will off his or herself.”

Morrow cited incidents involving both public figures and private citizens who were harassed and threatened online by Trump supporters after the real estate mogul criticized them on Twitter.

Bovada is offering 150:1 odds on someone dying before Trump’s inauguration.


“There’s no telling who could die as a result of a Trump tweet,” Morrow claimed. “It could be a well-known person Trump goes after, like union boss Chuck Jones, or just some 18-year-old college student, like Lauren Batchelder, who made the mistake of challenging him at a town hall. And who knows who the hell could be killed by ‘self-investigators’ with assault rifles if he shares any more fake news articles with his 17 million-plus followers?”

Odds offered by Las Vegas sportsbooks vary, depending on how soon bettors believe Trump’s Twitter account will kill someone. The sooner the prospective fatal incident, the better the odds, resulting in bigger payouts.

“Right now, Bovada is offering 150:1 odds on someone dying before Trump’s inauguration, which means a $150 payout on a $1 bet that someone eats it before January 20,” Morrow explained. “If someone bets Trump’s tweets will get someone killed by Labor Day 2017, they’ll get 40:1 odds. Pushing the time window back to the 2018 midterm elections drops your odds to 10:1.”

Morrow also fended off accusations that Vegas is looking to profit from the possible untimely deaths of innocent people.

“Lighten up, folks,” he insisted. “Trump owns casinos, and he got elected because he’s entertaining. Wagering is nothing more than another form of entertainment. If we live in times so interesting someone might legitimately die because of a 70-year-old man’s tweets, why not make it just a little more interesting?”

Morrow continued, “If people will die anyway, why not give others a chance to make some serious bank on it? We’re just doing our part to make America great again.”


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