Local KKK Member Won’t Attend Donald Trump Rally Because It’s a “Gun-Free Zone”

Off the WireDonald Trump will be in Baton Rouge this week on his “thank you” tour of the states that voted for him, and to support Republican Senate candidate John Kennedy. The rally will be held at a hangar at Baton Rouge Metro Airport and is expected to attract hundreds of Louisiana supporters who unsurprisingly do not have to work on a weekday.

One Trump supporter, KATC comments section legal expert “T-Dave” Richeaux, of New Iberia, will not be attending after he learned the rally would be a “gun-free zone” with dozens of Secret Service agents protecting the alleged billionaire.

Richeaux rarely leaves his safe space in New Iberia, and when he does, he is sure to pack a couple weapons and multiple magazines of ammunition perchance he encounter people of color on his way to Ku Klux Klan gatherings around the state.

“I voted for the man David Duke and the NRA supported, and this is how he repays the white gun owners of Louisiana?”

Richeaux repeatedly posted Facebook messages, often laced with racial expletives, expressing support for Donald Trump in the months leading up to the November election. He was excited about finally getting a chance to connect with fellow Klan members and the president-elect in one place, until he found out that guns would not be allowed at the venue.

“Mr. Trump repeatedly said that he would protect our Second Amendment rights, but his rally will not allow guns in the building?” Richeaux said. “I voted for the man David Duke and the NRA supported, and this is how he repays the white gun owners of Louisiana?”

“T-Dave” has made other plans for Friday, which include insulting people on KATC, blaming President Barack Obama for his lot in life, and collecting pecans to buy lumber for the next cross burning in Bogalusa.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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