Frat Boys Sue Gay Adult Entertainment Site for Defamation

Off the WireA gay adult entertainment website defames fraternity brothers by portraying them as regularly engaging in lustful homosexual relationships with each other, according to a class-action lawsuit filed by several current college fraternity members.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Baton Rouge alleges videos on the site FraternityX “defame countless college fraternity members who are totally not gay and love destroying poontang instead of sucking cock.”

Brian Thornton is the attorney representing scores of young men from a dozen fraternities, including Phi Alpha Gamma and Omega Epsilon Rho, who have brought the defamation suit against the gay adult site, which they claim “unfairly and maliciously depicts fraternity members as a bunch of closeted gaywads.”

“As a proud alumnus of Beta Rho Omicron, I find the videos on FraternityX to be extremely harmful to the reputation of countless 100% pure pussyhounds like myself who are so not gay,” Thornton said. “My clients and I like smoking babes, not smoking pole.”

“Just because we dip our balls in another dude’s mouth, or smack another guy’s bare ass while he has sex with a goat, that doesn’t make us queer.”

Thornton added, “Plus, their videos are shaky, poorly lit, out of focus, and most of the guys aren’t really that hot. Not to mention the dudes in the background watching the ones having all the fun are totally distracting. I mean, can you just shut up for 5 seconds and not photobomb a sex scene? Hello?”

One of the plaintiffs, Chance Ellerbee, of Gamma Eta Beta, said the website only reinforces an inaccurate notion some people have about fraternity brothers.

“Some people hear we do things like teabag pledges, or make them screw goats, and think we’re gay or something,” Ellerbee explained. “But just because we dip our balls in another dude’s mouth, or smack another guy’s bare ass while he has sex with a goat, that doesn’t make us queer. Honestly, the only time I ever make prolonged physical contact with one of my brothers is when we hold hands while double-teaming some unconscious chick at a party.”

The class-action lawsuit is set to be heard next month by U.S. District Court Judge Shelly Dick.

When reached for comment about the defamation case, a spokesman for FraternityX replied, “That gives us a great idea for our next video: ‘Ass Action Lawsuit.’ Expect to see it next week!”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop


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