There Can Be Only One – The Podcast 28: “The Bodyguard”

[Explicit language]


TCBOO-Podcast-logoTwo movies titled The Bodyguard enter, only one will leave (with its title) as Herman Davis and Robert Rau watch a two-hour Whitney Houston video and Kung Fu Panda’s Grandpa to determine which film should be called The Bodyguard.

First up is the seventh-highest grossing movie of 1992 starring the radiant Whitney Houston and the less radiant Kevin Costner. While the movie needs about 30 minutes shaved off, it does have the benefit of being about a bodyguard-type situation, considering there is a specific body to guard.

For the second movie, Robert accidentally read the wrong plot description because there were two The Bodyguard  movies released this year overseas. He and Herman still picked the one with Sammo Hung, the Steven Seagal of Chinese cinema. He plays an ex-military officer with dementia and a three-foot fighting radius. While this movie was more entertaining, it did have a lack of actual body guarding. Will this force our hand, or will the better movie prevail? Listen if you dare.


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