There Can Be Only One – The Podcast 27: “Sabotage”

[Explicit language]


TCBOO-Podcast-logoTwo movies titled Sabotage enter, only one will leave (with its title) as Herman Davis, Mike Honore, and Robert Rau watch another Mark Dacascos action thrill ride — and a two-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie most people have already forgotten about — to determine which should be called Sabotage.

Sure, there’s a Hitchcock movie of the same name, but we couldn’t turn down another Mark Dacascos movie since Drive blew our minds. And even though this one isn’t as good, it does have some great performances from “Candyman” Tony Todd and a pre-Matrix Carrie-Anne Moss. Also, apologies for the sample trailer, the only one we could find was in German.

The second Sabotage spared no expense on the cast, breaking out some A-list talent and A-list gore. Arnold Schwarzenegger leads this bunch of ragamuffins into the gritty Atlanta streets to stop meth rings and the Mexican cartel, that is until they start getting killed in the grossest way possible. Will the buckets of blood beat out a watchable 90’s action movie? Listen if you dare.


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