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YOUR VOICES: LSU’s Mike VI Died After a Bout With Cancer. What Say You?

LSU officials announced Tuesday that the beloved live tiger mascot Mike VI was euthanized just days after they revealed a spindle cell sarcoma, which had been treated with radiation at Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center in May, had spread to several other parts of the 11-year-old Bengal-Siberian mix’s body.

What do you think about this?

your-voices-bald-man-suit“I heard Alex Jones say it was a hoax.”

Jason Monz, mystery shopper



your-voices-black-man-glasses-hat“We can always go see that tiger in Section 8 housing in Grosse Tete.”

Jimmy Thornton, engraver


your-voices-blonde-woman-interview“If vaccines can do that to a tiger, think about what they can do to your child.”

Zoey Chandler, media watchdog


your-voices-older-hispanic-man“At least this time it wasn’t another animal at the Baton Rouge Zoo.”

Hector Moreno, retired toymaker


What Do You Think Of This Shtick?

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