Cartoon Caption Contest Entries The Advocate Won’t Publish

The Advocate‘s two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Walt Handelsman occasionally offers regular folks a chance to do his job for him by running a caption contest. Sadly, The Advocate won’t publish some of the best entries because of something called “standards.”

Well, we don’t have such obstacles. So here’s a sample of just some of the entries submitted for Walt’s most recent caption contest that you won’t see in The Advocate.


“That stoner Gary Johnson already came and got all the candy.”


“Fuck ISIS. Tell this woman to quit going jihad on my porn stash.”


“How the hell has no one run you the fuck over in those costumes?”


“Jill Stein says Halloween candy causes autism.”


“Will you tell this chick she’s not my wife? I hired her to do light cleaning!”


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