Eleven More Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Not Adolf Hitler

Since December, when I published “Eleven Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Not Adolf Hitler,” lots of things have happened, prompting more people to draw more comparisons between the Republican presidential nominee and the fascist leader of Nazi Germany. That’s why I’m offering these additional 11 glaring differences between the two men to illustrate why this is still not a fair comparison.


  • Art-of-the-DealHitler didn’t employ a ghostwriter to write his manifesto.
  • Hitler served in the military.
  • Hitler exhibited discipline and focus, and stuck to his talking points at his rallies.
  • Hitler only had one European wife.
  • Hitler didn’t inherit the world’s greatest military force when he took power.
  • Hitler waited until after taking power to attack members of his own party.
  • Donald-Trump-Ivanka-hips-feel-upHitler never felt up his daughter in front of millions of people.
  • Hitler broke his alliance with the Russians.
  • Nuclear weapons weren’t available to destroy humanity until after Hitler was dead.
  • Hitler’s hair was much more low-maintenance.
  • Hitler never had the chance to appreciate David Duke’s enthusiastic endorsement.


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Jeremy White
Jeremy White is an engineer by education, but a smartass by birth. He managed to overcome the obstacles presented by his technical background, and has brilliantly devised a way to make a living making fun of people.

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