REJECTED ASK THE ADVOCATE ANSWERED: Does the Brexit Mean I Can’t Eat at The Londoner Anymore?

Q: I keep hearing all this talk about this BREXIT thing and England leaving the rest of the world or something. Does this mean The Londoner restaurant is going to shut down? I like that place. I don’t really care about what people on the other side of the world voted on, but I do like me some shepherd’s pie and fish and chips.


A: The United Kingdom leaving the European Union does not mean The Londoner will have to shut down.

It is a locally owned restaurant, and the United States is not part of the EU. Also, last week’s vote will not have any effect on the availability of English muffins or London Fog raincoats.

However, the BREXIT will have a significant impact on professional soccer, which is a popular draw for The Londoner. Immediately after the vote, the pound dropped to its lowest mark in 31 years, which means British teams may need to pay players more to keep them from leaving for non-UK teams. Plus, UK clubs will be less expensive for foreign investors to buy.

The UK leaving the EU also will affect British teams’ ability to sign foreign players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who used to play for Manchester United. Moreover, Premier League broadcast deals may be affected, and the league could see the institution of a salary cap.


Then again, you may just go to The Londoner for the food and drinks and not give a rat’s ass about soccer, in which case, don’t worry. It’s all good.RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop


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