Democratic Rep. Neil Abramson Comes Out as a Transparty Republican

Off the WireA New Orleans state lawmaker dropped a political bombshell by publicly declaring he is really a Republican trapped inside a Democrat’s body.

Despite the fact that he’s been thrice elected to his legislative seat as a Democrat, Rep. Neil Abramson told reporters at the Louisiana State Capitol on Thursday that he identifies as a member of the GOP.

The 49-year-old attorney said he could no longer continue legislating in the closet and decided it was time to come out as a transparty Republican.

“It’s like I’ve spent my whole political life pretending to be something I’m not,” Abramson revealed. “Every time someone referred to me as a Democrat, I felt like I wanted to throw up. I simply could not go on with the charade any longer.”

Abramson stated he refuses to let his official party affiliation define who he is as a politician.

“No matter what my voter registration says, I feel like a Republican. I’m not going to let some piece of paper tell me who I really am,” Abramson proclaimed. “I may caucus like a Democrat, but I vote like a Republican.”

“Perhaps, one day, the letter next to my name will match the letter in my heart.”

As the representative for the solidly Democratic House District 98, the term-limited Abramson said he felt pressured for years to hide his true political party identity, claiming he didn’t feel safe letting the world know he identifies as a member of the Party of Lincoln.

When asked if he plans to undergo a political party reassignment procedure, Abramson said he couldn’t afford to fully transition with over three years remaining in his current term, but he left the door open for changing his outward party identity down the road.

“Perhaps, one day, the letter next to my name will match the letter in my heart,” Abramson stated.

Some legislative observers speculate Abramson may be able to better afford becoming a fully transitioned Republican in 2019. That’s when it’s suspected Abramson will run to replace the term-limited Metairie Sen. Conrad Appel, who represents the notoriously conservative Senate District 9.

In the meantime, Abramson said his wife and son have been very supportive, and he hopes his colleagues and constituents will be, as well.

When reached for comment on Abramson’s announcement, Sen. Dan Claitor replied, “When I couldn’t find him anywhere in the Capitol to discuss pressing matters at the end of the regular session, I figured he was hiding in a closet somewhere. Turns out I was right.”RedShtick-Top-ColumnStop

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