The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 181: “Jay Ducote and Sex Toy Tequila”

[Explicit language]


Who said “butt chugging” was a myth?

Jay Ducote and his pal Chuck P., of, join Jeremy White and Sunny Weathers for a special Cinco de Mayo Eve tequila tasting episode at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, featuring prized specimens from Raul Urdiales’ private menagerie of sexily bottled tequilas.

The real stars of the show.
The real stars of the show.

Right out of the gate, we learn why the phrase “May the fourth” really grinds Jay’s gears. Then, as the guys sample Raul’s offerings, they discuss Jay’s upcoming eatery (Government Taco), Jay shares insights about his fellow competitors from season 11 of Food Network Star (which he should have won), and Jeremy asks Jay and Chuck why his beer exploded (at room temperature).


The show wraps up with a food-and-drink-themed round of “Five Questions,” which involves the prospect of consuming a part of one’s own anatomy.


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