The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 177: “If You Like Roofie Coladas”

[Explicit language]


TRS_PodcastLogoJeremy White and Sunny Weathers are joined by Dorque host Knick Moore at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for a podcast featuring some interesting musical numbers, including a couple involving LSU football gameday activities.

Speaking of, the guys discuss proposed regulations for LSU tailgating and the Greek community’s reaction to them. Later, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant stops by to say a few words during an exchange about Natchez possibly seceding from his state to join Louisiana. And Sunny loves a 9-year-old reporter who covers murders instead of having tea parties.

Jesus-is-Lord-PlumbingAs usual, Jeremy also presents Sunny and Knick with a news quiz, his shitty joke of the week, and a round of “Five Questions.” The show wraps up with possible taglines for a New Orleans plumbing business.


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Theme music by Bob Prattini

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