YOUR VOICES: Dearman’s Lease Was Terminated After a Recent Fire. What Say You?

The owners of the Bocage Village Shopping Center have terminated Dearman’s lease just a week after a fire severely damaged the popular restaurant. According to the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, the lease included a clause allowing the landlord to dissolve the venerable diner’s lease in the event of a major fire.

What do you think about this?


YourVoices-Woman-Parking_Lot“Man, if only there were other burger places in Baton Rouge. Guess I’ll just starve.” — Trish Evans, dental assistant


Your-Voices-Goatee-Man“Goddam greedy rich people ruining this country. That’s why I’m voting for Donald Trump.” — Roland Parks, game warden


WhiteSuit-man-YourVoices“Now where will I go to eat overpriced greasy burgers while pretending to be a white person in the 1950s?” — Ken Watson, courier




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