The Red Shtick Podcast, Episode 171: “How Not to Say ‘Duck Hunt’ on the Radio”

[Explicit language]


TRS_PodcastLogoDorque host Knick Moore drives his new, manly pickup truck to El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, where he baptizes Sunny Weathers with some of Jeremy White’s water.

After a recap of WAFB’s coverage of the previous day’s rough weather, the guys explore how Facebook’s new reaction emoji options open up myriad new ways to troll people. Then Jeremy tries to explain how the language you speak influences how much money you save, which somehow leads to Sunny stumbling across a most glorious phonetic discovery.

This week’s news quiz portion of the show reveals both Knick’s disdain for Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper star Mark Curry as well as Ice-T’s unfortunate movie role as the voice of a talking mule. Lastly, a round of “Five Questions” answers the decadeslong debate about the most closeted ’70s game show celebrity.


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